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360 Chicago

Chicago, IL, USA

Over 1,000 feet above Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, you will find 360 Chicago, located at the top of the John Hancock building.

The Observation Deck lives up to its name, offering spectacular 360 degree views of Chicago from the 94th floor. You’ll start your visit by learning about the history of Chicago’s neighborhoods in their walkthrough museum on the bottom floor. Then, you board the elevator and race to the 94th floor to experience the views overlooking Lake Michigan, and the impressive Chicago skyline! 

360 Chicago also offers a ride called TILT. This experience allows you to stand infant of a full glass window and be tilted over Michigan Avenue 30 degrees, looking down at the city below! 

The Observation Deck has a bar and cafe, so you could spend 15 minutes to a couple of hours up there! Check out their official website to help plan your visit and buy tickets online!

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