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Amoritas Vineyards


Michigan is a gorgeous state in the Midwest. It is surrounded by nature, the Great Lakes and some of the best food and drinks in the country. In Northern Michigan, you’ll find the Leelanau Peninsula, a beautiful wine region located up in the hills. Amoritas Vineyards is an exceptional winery with a classy tasting room and a great range.

Amoritas Vineyards is owned by the loving Goodell Family. Their passion, education and dedication to wine shines through in their products. Their vineyard stretches 150 acres across the Northern Michigan countryside, allowing them to grow a diverse varieties of grapes. 

A visit to the tasting room will aloow you to taste five wines for a small fee or enjoy a glass of wine in a relaxing atmosphere. Most likely one of Amoritas Vineyards kind founders will be guiding your tasting or pouring wine!

Amoritas Vineyards offers a handful of wines and one crisp apple cider. Taste the lineup, then choose a bottle or fill a case to enjoy at home or to share with friends!

Visit their official website to help plan your visit!

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