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Arbutus Distillery

Vancouver Island, Canada

British Columbia is booming with distilleries and breweries. From craft to larger productions, there is certainly no shortage of delicious drinks! Arbutus Distillery on Vancouver Island, offers a beautiful bar with many intriguing spirits.

Arbutus Distillery is an active craft distillery and cocktail lounge. The distillery can be viewed from the cocktail lounge. So, as you sip on a cocktail, you can observe the brewing, fermentation, distillation and bottling processes with your own eyes. The cocktail menu is extensive, ranging from classic cocktails to intriguing ones that are totally unique to Arbutus!

All of Arbutus’s cocktails are made using their own line of spirits and locally sourced ingredients. Some of their spirits include Coven Vodka, Empiric Gin, Baba Yaga Absinthe, and espresso infused vodka.

Visit the small cocktail lounge, watch the spirits being made, and enjoy a imaginative craft cocktail like you’ve never experienced before!

Visit their official website to help plan your visit!

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