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Aurora Cellars


Michigan is a gorgeous state in the Midwest. It is surrounded by the Great Lakes and home to one of the country’s largest beer cultures. In Northern Michigan, you’ll find the Leelanau Peninsula, a beautiful wine region located up in the hills. Aurora Cellars is a charming winery tucked into the Leelanau Peninsula.

Aurora Cellars features an extensive tasting room menu filled with Aurora wines, sparking wines, hard-pressed cider, and some small plates to enjoy with your wine. For a small fee, you can sample five wines as an educated staff member describes what you might be tasting as you explore the wine list.

Enjoy a tasting, then grab a glass of your favorite vino to enjoy outside on the patio. Add a locally sourced meat and cheese plate to complement your wine and soak in the fresh air and nature that surrounds you! 

Visit their official website to help plan your visit!

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