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Country: Spain               Language: Spanish               Currency:  Euro (€)

Located in central Spain, the Old City of Avila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a quaint, but charming city that displays a beautiful and grand city wall. Avila is great and the atmosphere within the city walls is calm yet spry. The old city can be seen in a few hours, making it a perfect day trip from many nearby and popular Spanish cities. 

CTW Must See

Walls of Avila

The Walls of Avila are the main attraction, and for good reason. They have been rebuilt since their origins in the 12th century but are still one of the most complete fortifications in Spain. The perimeter spans over 2 kilometers, has 88 semicircular towers, and 9 gates! For a small fee, half of the wall is accessible for visitors. From the wall, you can look over the whole Old City and beyond! 

Avila Cathedral

The Avila Cathedral is a grand building that serves as a church and a fortress. It is considered to be the first Gothic cathedral in Spain, and has been built into the city wall. It is unknown when the cathedral was originally built, but it is known that it took a few centuries to complete. Visiting the cathedral's interior will require a ticket, but this will also give you access to the museum.

San Vincente de Avila 

San Vincente de Avila, or the Basilica of St. Vincent, is a beautiful Romanesque church located just outside the city walls. It is said to be one of the best of its kind in Spain, and is the largest and most important in Avila, after the Cathedral! It was declared a national monument in 1886.

Church of San Pedro

This church is located just outside the city walls, in the Plaza del Mercado Grande. The church of San Pedro is in a beautiful Romanesque style, designed to resemble the Basilica of San Vincent. Its origins date back to the 12th century, and in 1914, it was declared a national monument.

Convent and Museum of Santa Teresa

This beautiful convent was built on the birthplace of Teresa de Cepeda, a saint from Avila. She was born in 1515 and led theestablishment of Discalced (i.e. bare-footed) Carmelites. In 1636, the covent was built, beside the Hall of Relics, to honor her life. The beautiful facade features sumptuous marble, and the interior is filled with works by Gregorio Fernandez. 

The Four Posts

About 1.5 kilometers outside of the city walls sit The Four Posts. Within these posts sit a cross. There are two legends regarding why this monument was built. One legend deems this point to be the original medieval suburbs of the town. The other legend regards this point as the location where Teresa of Jesus and her brother were stopped by their uncle before running into a battle with the Moors. Nonetheless, The Four Posts are a beautiful monument, and the location offers spectacular views looking back at the city of Avila. 

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