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Ben & Jerry's


The story of the ever-popular ice-cream, Ben & Jerry's, started back in 1978, when two friends opened up an ice cream shop operating out of a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont!

Ben & Jerry took a $5 course in ice cream making before opening their first ice cream shop. Over the years, Ben & Jerry began distributing their ice cream all across Vermont but people wanted more! So in 1984, they undertook a public stock offering and began expanding. In 1988, they were named U.S. Small Business Persons of the Year. 

Ben & Jerry’s is committed to being a community-aware company, giving back and taking a moral stance on a range of causes. 

You can visit the Vermont Factory and take a tour where you’ll learn all about the history of Ben & Jerry’s, see how the ice cream is made, and even sample the flavor of the day! Buy something in the gift shop for your friends and don’t forget to get a scoop or three while you’re there! At the end of your visit, take a walk through the Flavor Graveyard, the great waffle cone in the sky! Here you can pay your respects to some of the flavors that didn't make it...

Visit Ben and Jerry's official website to help plan your visit!

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