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Bobby’s Burger Palace

Las Vegas, NV, USA

If you're looking for a great burger on the strip, don't miss Bobby's Burger Palace!

Bobby Flay is a renowned US celebrity chef, starring in a wide range of Food Network shows including, 'Iron Chef' and 'Throwndown! with Bobby Flay'. He also has the skills to back up his celebrity status! Upon graduating from the French Culinary Institute in 1984, he went on to work at a range of restaurants in his hometown of New York City. Today, Bobby Flay has restaurants all over the USA including Mesa Grill in Vegas and the Bahamas; Bar Americain in NYC; Bobby Flay Steak in New Jersey; and, our favorite, Bobby’s Burger Palace, which can be found throughout the US!

While the original Bobby’s Burger Palace opened in 2008, the Vegas location opened more recently in 2014. 

With an extensive menu inspired by Bobby Flay and his use of balanced and bold flavors, these are some of our favorite burgers in the world! The relaxed atmosphere of Bobby’s Burger Palace makes it a welcome escape from the strip. Order your meal at the front, grab a seat in the quirky and fun dining area, and wait for your food to be delivered. Sauces are provided on the table, including the particularly incredible, Jalapeño hot sauce! 

While ordering, don’t forget the Sweet Potato Fries and Spiked Milkshakes! 

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