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Country: Spain               Language: Spanish               Currency:  Euro (€)

Burgos is a picturesque city in northern Spain. It has a gorgeous skyline, with the large Gothic cathedral standing tall among the rest of the city. Get lost in the charming laneways, relax in the green parks, or enjoy a glass of sangria while admiring the grandeur of the cathedral. It is important to know that the main train station is 5 kilometers from the historical center, so you will need to take a taxi from the station - unless you are up for a long walk in the Spanish heat!

CTW Must See

Burgos Cathedral

This Grand UNESCO World Heritage Site is seriously impressive! Construction began in 1221 and was completed in 1567. The cathedral has three floors, creating a tall and spacious interior. It displays a Gothic facade, resembling the most traditional French Gothic cathedrals. The Burgos Cathedral is the only Spanish independently named UNESCO World Heritage Site not included in a historical center. A ticket is required to enter the cathedral, but includes an audio guide.

Arcos de Santa Maria

The Arco de Santa Maria is a monumental icon of Burgos. It is one of the twelve gates that allowed access into the city in the Middle Ages. The facade stands tall as a triumphal arch, filled with carvings in the limestone. The arch looks more like a palace than it does a city gate, and its interior often hosts arts exhibits for visitors to enjoy.

Plaza de Alfonso-Martinez

Plaza de Alfonso-Martinez is an impressive square on the outskirts of the old town. At the head of the square is the Military Museum with interesting military memorabilia. The plaza features many of the pastel colored buildings found in Burgos, and it will lead you directly into the heart of the city.

Plaza Huerto del Rey

Plaza Huerto del Rey connects Plaza de Alfonso-Martinez and the Burgos Cathedral. This stunning square holds more exquisite architecture, and plenty of restaurants. In the center of the square, you’ll find the charming Flora Fountain. Plaza Huerto del Rey provides a perfect place to grab a bite, but please note that most of the restaurants will be closed during siesta! 

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is the largest square in the city. The 'square', which is actually more like a large octagon, is filled with bright, colorful buildings on all sides. The centerpiece is the town hall which was completed in 1791. Within the square, you will find shops, cafes and restaurants, each offering tempting Spanish goods. Plaza Mayor is the perfect place to relax and take in the atmosphere, as it is incredibly peaceful. 

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