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Canadian War Museum

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is full of history, museums, and incredible architecture. The Canadian War Museum opened in 2005, making it Ottawa’s newest national museum.

The museum holds over three million artifacts and items war memorabilia and artifacts over eight permanent galleries and temporary exhibits. The museum takes its visitors on a journey dating back to Canada’s first documented experience of conflict to its most recent. 

One of the most notable galleries is the LeBreton Gallery: The Military Technology Collection. It ‘contains the most extensive collection of military technology in Canada.’ It is filled with large weaponry, vehicles and equipment. You can see tanks, aircraft, submarines, ambulances and more. 

At the core of the museum, however, are inspiring and emotive wartime stories.  In the Memorial Hall, you can pay your respects to those who lost their lives and, if you are lucky enough to visit on November 11, you will see a remarkable sight. At 11am, the sun shines through the window of Memorial Hall onto the only artifact in the hall, the headstone of the grave of Canada’s Unknown Soldier. 

See the official website to help plan your visit! 

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