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Champagne Pommery

Reims, France

If you’ve ever had a glass of Champagne, then maybe you know that it comes from the historical province and wine region, Champagne, in northeast France! Anything called champagne is made, from start to finish, in this region.  Champagne Pommery is a large champagne house and wine producer in Reims.

Dating back to 1858, Mr. Pommery, the founder of Champagne Pommery, had just stepped into retirement from a life in the wool industry. Soon after starting retirement, he found out his wife was was pregnant for the second time. To provide for his growing family, he jumped into the Champagne industry, which was quickly growing at the time. In 1868, construction on Domaine Pommery began. Eighteen kilometers of galleries were dug underground to create barrel and bottle storages.

A visit to Domaine Pommery is quite unique. You will begin your tour walking down more than 100 steps into the chalk cellars that hold all of the champagne. Learn about the history of the brand and how they produce, ferment, and bottle their wines. In the cellars, you’ll also find many Contemporary Art exhibits, as Pommery has teamed with artists in France and allowed them to create and display their works within the cellars. Near the end of your tour, you’ll enter a large chalk dome that has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List! End your tour with a glass of Pommery Champagne or two, depending on which tour experience you purchase!

Visit their official website to help plan your visit! 

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