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Champagne Taittinger

Reims, France

If you’ve ever had a glass of Champagne, then maybe you know that it comes from the historical province and wine region, Champagne, in northeast France! Anything called champagne is made, from start to finish, in this region. Champagne Taittinger is a champagne house in Reims that dates back to 1734.

Jacques Fourneaux founded Taittinger in 1734. He worked with the Benedictine Abbey, who owned some of the best vineyards in the region. The current champagne house stands on the site Saint Nicaise Abbey, which dates back to the 13th century.

A tour of Champagne Taittinger will take you eighteen meters below ground into the wine cellar, where signs of the former abbey can be found. You will walk some of the same walkways that the monks walked through during that time. In the cellars, you will learn how Taittinger makes and ferments their wine. You will be among some of the most historic underground tunnels in the area! Finish your visit with a glass of Taittinger champagne or two, depending on the tour experience you purchase.

Visit their official website to buy tickets and to help plan your visit! 

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