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The city of Charlotte dates back to 1755 and is now the 17th most populous city in the US. It is home to one of the largest airport hubs in the world and the NASCAR All-Star Race and Cup Series races. The metropolis hosts many annual festivals and special events, including BBQ festivals, music festivals and more!

CTW Must See

Downtown Charlotte is hustling, like any city center. It is full of shops, businesses, restaurants, bars, and museums. The Wells Fargo History Museum is a free museum telling the story of Wells Fargo’s growth in the US. You’ll also find the NASCAR Hall of Fame, featuring some of NASCAR’s best racers, raceway simulations and more. You will also find the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, the Mint Museum Uptown.

Just outside of the city, near Charlotte Airport, you’ll find the Carolinas Aviation Museum. This museum contains a collection of over 50 aircrafts and other items related to aviation. There are many planes on display including the Airbus that landed on the Hudson River, a range of US Air Force planes and more.

You can easily see downtown Charlotte in one day, but there is much more surrounding the city, including modernized southern-comfort restaurants, breweries, and more!

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