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Château d’Usseé

Loire Valley, France

Within the French Loire Valley, you will find many castles, or chateaus, some of which inspired some of the most famous fictional castles we know and love. Château d’Usseé was the inspiration for Aurora’s castle in Sleeping Beauty.

When the castle was discovered in the 15th century, it was in ruins. Jean V de Bueil purchased the castle and began rebuilding it during the 1440s. In 1455, his son, Antoine, sold the castle to Jacques d’Espinay. Espinay built the chapel and continued to rebuild the castle. By the 1900s, the castle was well-known for its picturesque position within the Loire Valley. 

A visit to the castle will allow you access to its interior, the gardens, the chapel, and the caves. Begin your journey at the entrance hall, where you’lll find a wooden spiral staircase and Renaissance chests of drawers. In the Guard Room, you’ll find weaponry and other symbolic objects. The Vault is the oldest room in the castle and has a staircase that leads to below the castle, dating back over 1,000 years.

You can also visit the Chapel, the stables filled with horse drawn carriages, and the beautiful gardens holding citrus fruit trees and beautiful greenery.

Visit their official website to learn more about ticket prices and visiting hours!

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