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Chicago Style Hot Dog

Chicago, IL, USA

When it comes to must try foods in Chicago, the Chicago style Hot Dog is at the top of the list!

This Chicago icon features an all beef dog on a poppy seed bun, covered in yellow mustard, chopped white onion, green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices, banana peppers, and to finish it off, some celery salt!

With so much packed onto this Dog, it has earned the catchphrase of being 'dragged through the garden'. While the definitive origin of the Dog is not entirely known, it’s believed to have originated on Maxwell Street at Fluky’s during the depression, and was nicknamed the 'depression sandwich'.

Side note: for anyone ordering this Dog, don’t ask for ketchup - as it’s considered absolutely unacceptable to request it! 

We visited Portillo’s in downtown Chicago for our Dog and it certainly did NOT disappoint. 

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