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Country: Denmark               Language: Dutch               Currency: Danish Krone (kr)

Copenhagen is a vibrant city with much to offer visitors. It’s charming, captivating and friendly. It’s also a bike dominant city! More than half of the locals ride a bike every day. Copenhagen is regularly voted the happiest city in the world, making travelers from all over the globe keen to experience its unique Danish culture. Explore the city's historical center; admire the architecture; soak up the history and spirited atmosphere in Nyhavn, and play in Tivoli Gardens!

CTW Must See

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is the home to the Danish Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. This is the only building in the world that holds all three political branches in the same building! The Royal Family also uses parts of the palace for special events, like welcoming foreign dignitaries. 

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens makes for a fun afternoon for anyone. The rides range from modern, daring adventures to nostalgic entertainment, dating back to the opening of the gardens in 1843. The multitude of fairy lights leave a lasting magical impression of a great city. 


Copenhagen’s shopping precinct is centered around the beautiful pedestrian mall, Strøget. Enjoy the stunning retail outlets, featuring Danish products, such as the Lego Store, Royal Copenhagen (porcelain), Georg Jensen, and Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Allow yourself some time to wander down the charming side streets, where you will discover the many hidden gems of Copenhagen. 


This tall tower was originally built as an astronomical observatory. The Rundetaarn was built in the 1640s and features an equestrian staircase leading to the top of the tower. Today, the tower is mostly used as a platform for tourists to admire the beautiful views overlooking Copenhagen.

Rosenborg Castle

This grand renaissance castle dates back to the early 1600s and is the home to the Danish Crown Jewels, the Danish Crown Regalia, a Coronation Carpet, and the Throne Chair of Denmark. Outside the castle, you’ll find the beautiful Rosenborg Castle Garden. This is the oldest royal garden in  Denmark. In the spring, the flowers bloom, the grass grows bright green, and the garden perfectly complements the palace. Beside the Rosenborg castle is the Rosenborg Barracks. The barracks is home to the house guards on duty at the nearby palaces. The building also has a small museum displaying the history of the Royal Danish Life Guards.


Nyhaven is one of Copenhagen’s most iconic sights. Nyhavn translates to ‘New Harbor’ and is where you will find the colorful buildings lining the canal. If your appetite is building, then this is the perfect spot for a bite to eat. It’s colorful, fun and relaxing. Hans Christian Anderson resided in a few of the houses here; the oldest house dating back to 1681. There are also canal tours that depart from Nyhavn, providing a relaxing boat ride around the city.

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace is the official residence of the Danish royal family, the world's oldest monarchy. The palace is comprised of four buildings with identical facades, creating an octagonal shape. The historic statue of King Frederik V, Amalienborg's founder, stands in the center. The four-palace design was originally built for four families, however the royal family bought the residences when the Christiansborg Palace suffered fire damage in 1794. Royalty has lived there ever since. The Changing of the Guard Ceremony takes place daily in front of the palace.

National Gallery of Denmark

At the National Gallery of Denmark, you will find Danish and international art spanning seven centuries. The museum is the largest in Denmark and has a huge range of collections, from archaeology and natural science, to ethnography and communication. The museum was established nearly 200 years ago; mixing history with culture and art.

The Little Mermaid Statue

This popular bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen can be found at the Langelinie promenade. The Little Mermaid statue is a classic icon of Copenhagen and has been attracting tourists for over 100 years. Edvard Eriksen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. The face of the statue after a ballerina who performed the fairytale with Copenhagen’s Royal Theatre.


Kastellet is one of Northern Europe’s star fortresses. It is well-maintained, making it one of the best remaining fortresses in Europe. The fortress was used from 1624 to the 1830s, and is now a park and historic site. Kastellet still has several historical buildings on the property,  providing significant insight into how the fortress operated.

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