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The Crayola Experience

Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

The Crayola Experience is ideal for every child, young or young at heart. It allows you to dive into your coloring dreams, create your own crayon, design your own personalized box of crayons and visit the world’s largest crayon!

The Crayola Experience is located less than five miles from the Crayola Factory, where many of the world’s Crayola crayons are made. The Crayola Experience is a museum and visitor center designed to teach visitors about Crayola’s history and products.

Begin your journey at the ‘Discovery Center’ which allows you learn how crayons are made. Then, visit the ‘Crayola Hall of Fame’ where you can pay your respects to some of your favorite retired colors. Then comes the hands on fun. The ‘Melt & Mold’ section allows you to melt your favorite crayon and shape it into any design you’d like! ‘Wrap It Up’ allows you to personalize and print your own crayon, then add wrapping paper to it, creating your own unique crayon!

End your visit downstairs at the shop where you can choose from a huge selection of products, including a personalized box of crayons, which you can fill with all of your favorite colors and has the capability of holding over one hundred crayons!

Visit their official website to help plan your visit and buy your tickets ahead of time!

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