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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a truly magical place! Located in the Parisian suburb of Marne-la-Vallée, it is the perfect destination for individuals, young and old. It is divided into two parks: Disneyland Park, which opened in 1992 and Walt Disney Studios® Park, added in 2002. Disneyland Park is the larger of the two and features five fairytale lands. Explore the magical world of Disney; meet your favorite characters; sing along to the catchy songs; watch dazzling parades & shows and enjoy a multitude of rides. Every moment at Disneyland Park will be filled with wonderment!

Main Street U.S.A

Main Street U.S.A. is designed to resemble a small-town in America from the early 20th century. Enjoy a ride down Main Street in a vintage chauffeur-driven vehicle; walk along the brick-paved road; explore the Liberty and Discovery arcades, featuring a variety of historic artwork and stories of the American dream, and shop in the series of storefronts selling everything Disney. At the start of Main Street, you’ll see the Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station. The railroad takes you on a trip around all areas of the park, providing not only a wonderful overall perspective but also a behind the scenes look at the attractions. In the late afternoon, watch the parade, that starts near the castle, travel all the way to Main Street Station. Come a bit early to get a great spot in the front and you might even get a high-five or thumbs up from one of your favorite characters! At night, enjoy Disney Illuminations, a stunning night-time spectacular!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle is an enchantingly beautiful castle with soaring spires and turrets. It’s the iconic backdrop to many of the park’s major events. To the left of the castle, you’ll find a small stage where Mickey and his friends sing and dance. Deep below the castle, you’ll find La Tanière du Dragon, a dark dragon cave with a mythical dragon! You can walk either through the castle or walk along the castle walls. 


Discoveryland is the home to all things of the future! Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is the area’s main attraction. It’s an interactive ride that lets you shoot invisible infrared lasers from your cannon towards targets. You’ll be awarded with a Star Command Ranking ranging from Space Cadet to Galactic Hero. Discoveryland also features Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, a space-themed roller coaster, only for the very brave! You’ll also find other attractions like Autopia, where you can steer your way around the road in a futuristic car; Astro Orbitor, a rocket-spinner attraction, and Les Mystères du Nautilus, based on the science fiction movie ’20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’. Within Discoveryland, you’ll find a couple of quick dining venues including Café Hyperion.


Next to Discoveryland, or through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, is Fantasyland. It showcases many of the most loved Disney characters and rides; families often make a beeline to Fantasyland as soon as they enter the park. Some of its undisputed highlights are the boat ride, ‘It’s a Small World’; a flight on Dumbo the Flying Elephant; a spin in one of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups; the challenge of finding your way out of the hedge-maze in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and, a big favorite, Peter Pan’s Flight, a flying pirate ship ride soaring over London to Neverland! You will also have the chance to meet the some of most popular princesses in the stunning Princess Pavilion. Pizzeria Bella Notte and Fantasia Gelati will satisfy all your hunger cravings!


Adventureland takes you to the remote jungles of Africa, Asia, South America and the South Pacific. Within Adventureland, you can climb aboard a pirate ship; explore Skull Island; walk through the jungle on a series of rope bridges; or explore La Cabane des Robinson, a tree house built by the shipwrecked family. Jump onboard Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship or take a journey through the ruined Temple of Peril with Indiana Jones. If you’re feeling hungry, grab a bite at Hakuna Matata, a Lion King-themed eatery, featuring African classics like rice dishes and kebabs or get some seafood at Captain Jack’s!


Explore the Wild West and hang out with cowboys in Disneyland’s Frontierland. Take an exhilarating ride on Big Thunder Mountain, a runaway mine train cart. And, if you’re really feeling brave, take a wander through the Phantom Manor, a haunted house known for its ghost sightings! If you’d rather relax a bit, take a ride on one of the 19th century paddle boats along the Rivers of the Far West. If you get hungry, enjoy delicious BBQ at Cowboy Cookout Barbecue, or eat a juicy steak at the Silver Spur Steakhouse, an old Frontier-styled gentleman’s club. There are a number of other activities, including Peg-Leg Pete & the Pocahontas Indian Village, a playground filled with Native American settlements.

Walt Disney Studios® Park

Walt Disney Studios® Park is the smaller of the two. It is an action-packed park with a lot of activities to choose from! Visit our experience guide on Walt Disney Studios® Park to discover more magic!

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