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Dixon's Distilled Spirits 

Guelph, Canada

Ontario has many craft distilleries, each producing their own unique blend of craft and locally sourced spirits. Dixon’s Distilled Spirits in Guelph offers a wide and exciting range of craft spirits.

Established in 2013, Dixon’s is run by a small group of individuals, each passionate in distilling, drinking, and flavor blending! 

Dixon’s range of spirits includes:

Silvercreed Vodka - a smooth carbon filtered vodka, best enjoyed in a martini, on the rocks, or mixed to create your favorite cocktail.

Flaming Caesar Vodka -  a Caesar lover’s dream! This vodka perfectly infused with handpicked ingredients including garlic and other spices, creating the perfect base for your Caesar!

Wicked Citrus Gin - a refreshing gin that uses citrus and botanics to create the perfect Gin and Tonic.

Wicked 6 Gin - a unique gin featuring juniper notes, licorice root, and cinnamon.

Ginfusion - a refreshing Gin cooler using Wicked Citrus Gin and blended with ginger, cucumber, lime, and mint!

Oatshine - a moonshine made of 100% Canadian oats! The flavor profile is smooth, with just enough sweetness.

Batch 3 Whisky - a bourbon-style whisky, aged in a used bourbon barrel.

You can take a one hour tour of the facility or simply stop in for a tasting. On the weekends, enjoy a cocktail flight utilizing many of Dixon’s spirits! 

Visit their official website to help plan your visit!

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