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Country: Croatia               Language: Croatian               Currency: Croatian kuna (kn)

You do not have to be a Game of Thrones fan to fall in love with Dubrovnik. Entering the Old Town makes you feel as if you are leaving the present day and entering another era. The gleaming marble streets and stone buildings are perfectly complemented by the bright orange rooftops and the rich, blue sea. The remarkable views from the Wall never get old and will leave you wanting more. Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides the perfect balance of history, culture, activity and relaxation anyone on holiday could wish for. While in Dubrovnik, be sure to indulge in the locally caught seafood, freshly made ice cream, fig jam, and candied oranges. The Old Town is quite small and can easily be explored on foot in a day. If you're up for a bit of adventure, you can take day trips to the surrounding islands along the Adriatic Coast. 

CTW Must See


The main street within the city walls is Stradun. Stradun stretches out between the two city gates, Pile and Ploce, creating a 300 meter pedestrian street filled with shops, restaurants, and history; look sideways and marvel at the steep laneways. When you enter at Pile Gate, you are immediately greeted by the Big Fountain of Onofrio, built in 1483. The fountain was built to bring water to the people of Dubrovnik from a well 12km away. As you continue your walk down Stradun, you will pass many ice cream shops and restaurants, all of which are incredibly appealing on a summer day!

Luža Square

At the opposite end of Stradun, near Ploce Gate, you will find Luža Square, a large square with many of  Dubrovnik's most striking monuments. Within the Square is the bell tower, Orlando’s Column, St. Blaise’s Church, and Sponaza Palace and Rector’s Palace, which is now the Natural History Museum. Luža Square is one of the largest and central most squares within the city walls, providing a social atmosphere and is a great place to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Jesuit Staircase & the Church of St. Ignatius

Game of Thrones fans will immediately recognize this staircase as the “Shame!” staircase. The many Baroque style steps to the top lead to the Church of St. Ignatius, built in 1783. The Church of St. Ignatius’s belfry holds the oldest bell in Dubrovnik. 

The Wall

The famous Dubrovnik Wall is an absolute must do. From the wall are some of the most remarkable sights you will ever see, and an incredibly unique view of the city. It is a steep walk to the top, but once you there, there aren’t too many more stairs. There are a couple of cafes and toilets along the way, but not until about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way around the wall. Be sure to bring your camera, as you will not want to stop taking photos… Check out our blog on taking better photos to make sure you get the best shot possible! Spend as much time as you can on the wall, as the experience is one you will never forget.

The Marina

Dubrovnik’s marina is a picturesque spot, with plenty of restaurants to choose from. It is at the marina where you will be able to catch a boat for a day trip or across to Lokrum Island. While the marina may be busy with boat tour operators shouting at you to join their cruise, if you follow the marina around to the ocean, you will find a relaxing and rewarding place to hang out. The marina is where you will most likely find one of the gorgeous and iconic Dubrovnik cats. In the summer, you can go for a swim in the roped off area, or just relax and enjoy the sea breeze.


Lokrum Island is a small island just off the Adriatic Coast, only accessible by ferry. The Benedictine Monastery is the main attraction of the island. The monastery was built here in the medieval times, and is now in ruins. Lokrum also has a large botanical garden, a number of colorful peacocks, and a couple of beaches for you to enjoy. When you are done exploring Lokrum, most likely an hour to a half day, then you can catch the ferry back to enjoy your evening in the Old Town.

The Perfect Day Trip: Mostar & Kotor

Visit two countries while in Dubrovnik... Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina is a gorgeous fairytale like city with a huge range of day trip options. Kotor, Montenegro, is another charming Old Town just south of Dubrovnik. The drive to the city is gorgeous, and certainly worth it. Rent a car or take a guided bus tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar or Kotor! Check out our Mostar City Guide & our Kotor City Guide to plan your day trip or overnight trip from Dubrovnik!



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