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Country: Germany               Language: German               Currency: Euro (€)

Frankfurt is a large German city, and a financial hub. The city’s architecture blends modern skyscrapers and classic German town squares. Explore the city’s history and shop at some of the country’s largest shopping centers. Come summer or winter, you’ll surely won’t be bored during your trip!

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Römerberg, translating to ‘Roman Mountain’ is the city’s main square. The main attraction is the Römer building complex. This complex has held the city administration since the 15th century. Römerberg is the heart of the city’s historic center. It hosts many trade fairs and markets throughout the year, including the Frankfurt Christmas Market. In the center of the square, you’ll find the Fountain of Justice, built in 1543. And, off to the side, you’ll see Old Nicholas Church, an iconic medieval church. Sit down for a bite or a pint in the square, where you can gaze upon the traditional German buildings.

St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church is a large oval-shaped church built in the early 1830s. The design of the building made it the ideal meeting place for Frankfurt Parliament and the National Assembly. During WWII, the church was destroyed by the Allied Bombing of Frankfurt, but it was the first structure rebuilt after the war. St. Paul’s is no longer a church, but it is used as a venue for public events. Admission to its interior is free, but it can get quite busy!

Frankfurt Cathedral

The Frankfurt Cathedral is the largest religious building in the city! Its origins can be traced back to the 7th century, but it was completed in 1550. However, the church was destroyed during the war and reconstructed soon after, constructing a completely new interior. The spire stands 95 meters tall, towering over the rest of Frankfurt’s Old Town. You may also visit Dom-Museum located in the cloisters of the cathedral. 

Old Opera House

The Old Opera House, or the Alte Oper, is a concert hall in downtown Frankfurt. The building was completed in 1880 and opened with Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Sadly, the damage from WWII was severe; the building we see today wasn’t completed until 1981. The large concert hall seats 2,500 people, and the small hall seats 700. The Old Opera House sits in Opernplatz, a beautiful, open square, near the Park Taunusanlage, at the foot of the Old Town.

The Hauptwache

The Hauptwache is the most central point of Frankfurt and one of its most popular squares. Its main feature is The Hauptwache building that was built in 1730. The Baroque building was home to the city’s militia, as well as a prison. Today, The Hauptwache stands as one of the city’s main train stations. The square itself has an array of shops and restaurants. It connects many of the city’s shopping districts and thoroughfare streets, making it accessible to everyone.

Stäedel Museum

The Stäedel Museum is an impressive art museum that holds over 200,000 works of art ranging from paintings and sculptures, to books and periodicals. The museum is said to be one of the most important in Germany, with works dating as far back s the 14th century. The museum is located just across the Eisrner Steg, near Römerberg. The building was built in 1878, but suffered some damage during the war. Therefore, renovations were done and completed in 1999.

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