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Good Robot Brewing Company

Halifax, Canada

Nova Scotia is a beautiful, nature-filled province of Canada. It provides many fine dining experiences, views of the Atlantic Ocean, and great spirits and beer! Good Robot Brewing Company is an innovative brewery with a relaxed atmosphere.

Good Robot Brewing Company was founded by three friends, all engineering students at Queen’s University, who call themselves a 'pack of misfits' because they don't want to grow up! Originally, the brewery was named Wrought Iron Brewing, however they changed the name to more closely reflect their engineering background and enthusiasm for fun times. 

Since 2014, Good Robot produces delicious and unique brews combining bold flavors. It's some of the best beer we’ve ever tasted! Not only are the beers good, but they work with local restaurants that create amazing meals to complement the beers!

There are  many hoppy IPAs brewing in Halifax, but Good Robot is different! Its flavors are creative. To use their words, the beers are 'eccentric, experimental and untrue to style'! The tap room is decorated beautifully with the Good Robot mascot, 'Robie the Robot', posters of past and current beer labels, and a large beer list. There's also a comfy outdoor area to enjoy during the warmer months! 

Visit their official website to help plan your visit! 

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