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Granville Island

Vancouver, Canada

Granville Island is a small shopping peninsula near downtown Vancouver. It was once an industrial manufacturing area but it is now a very popular spot for tourism and entertainment; it holds 275 businesses and facilities!

Granville Island's main feature is the large public market. It features a farmers market, local vendors selling delicious meals, local artists with their works on display, and a beautiful view of the marina and the city.

Granville Island is home to some great breweries, distilleries, and eateries. Granville Island Brewing Company & The Liberty Distillery are two great spots to sit down for a beer or a cocktail. Grab a bite at one of the cheese, bread, or produce vendors, and enjoy a meal at the food court near the marina. 

The rest of the island is filled with artisan craft and gourmet shops. You can easily spend a full day here wandering around the shops, finding souvenirs to bring home to your friends and family! 

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