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Guinness Storehouse

Dublin, Ireland

If you’ve clicked on this article, odds are you’re a fan of “The Black Stuff” as many refer to it. This Irish Stout, all the way from the Capital of Dublin, with its dark, rich, ruby red color and creamy head has a fascinating history. With over 850 million liters sold every year, you can’t miss a visit to the home of Guinness in Dublin. 

Once you enter you have 7 floors to explore!

On the ground floor, you’ll start (and end) with THE GUINNESS® RETAIL STORE - For the die hard fans of Guinness, at the store you’ll find the world's largest collection of all things Guinness! From there, you’ll continue to the Guinness BREWING STORY. The Brewing Story is where you will learn what goes into making this perfect pint of beer, from their famous strain of yeast, all the way to their own personal water supply. 

Moving to the 1st floor, you’ll find more of the rich History of Guinness, including THE ARTHUR GUINNESS STORY. We have a lot to thank Arthur Guinness for! Find out exactly how Guinness came to be and more about this amazing man! On the 1st floor, you’ll also find the COOPERAGE & TRANSPORT section. Guinness has been drunk around the world for over 200 years, and you’ll learn just how it made these extraordinary journeys and how today it is being consumed in over 150 countries. 

Moving to the 2nd Floor, you’ll find our personal favorite - the TASTING EXPERIENCE. Here you’ll have the chance to enjoy the a tiny Guinness and go through the perfect way to taste all the elements and work that go into that magical pint. 

As you make your way to the 3rd floor, you’ll want your cameras out as you'll enter the WORLD OF ADVERTISING. Guinness has had some of the most iconic advertising campaigns over the years, and in the World of Advertising, you will be face to face with larger than life models of your favorite Guinness icons.

When your educational journey comes to a close you can either make your way to the GUINNESS® ACADEMY on the 5th floor, where you can exchange your complementary pint of Guinness card (free with the cost of your ticket) and learn how to pour the perfect pint - and drink it!

If you’d rather leave the pouring to the professionals, head on up to the 7th Floor where you'll find The Gravity Bar. Get a perfectly poured pint while enjoying the 360 degree view of Dublin. (You can still visit the bar and enjoy the view even if you had your pint at the Guinness Academy.) 

If you don’t want to leave, then you don’t have to - you can always head to Arthur's Bar, a homage to the iconic Irish Pub. At Arthur’s Bar, grab a bite and a pint while enjoying the amazing view of Dublin.

Visit for more details on the tour, ticket pricing and opening hours.

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