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Hershey, PA, USA

There is a theme park for Hershey chocolate lovers, and it’s called Hersheypark! Hersheypark is a family theme park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The theme park was founded in 1906!

The first rollercoaster was built in 1923, and since then the park has grown significantly. In 1970, the park was redeveloped. The property was expanded and more rides were added. Today, the park covers 110 acres and features 70 rides and attractions!

The theme park is divided into a series of areas including...

Founder’s Way - the first themed area, home to the shops, restaurants and the Founder’s Way Carousel.

The Hollow - which has three rollercoasters and Kissing Tower Hill, which features classic Hersheypark attractions like the Sunoco Twin Turnpike, Kissing Tower and Hersheypark Amphitheater. 

Pioneer Frontier - a southwestern-themed section of the park featuring a collection of roller coasters. 

Midway America - a throwback to the classic midway fair featuring a series of roller coasters. 

and finally, The Boardwalk - a waterpark!

While there is less Hershey chocolate themed attractions than you might expect, Hersheypark is a must visit for thrill seekers and theme park lovers!

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