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High Roller

Las Vegas, NV, USA

The High Roller in Las Vegas currently holds the record for the highest ferris wheel in the world, beating the Singapore Flyer by 9 feet, the Star of Nanchang in China by 25 feet, and the London Eye by a full 107 feet! 

Construction was completed in 2014, creating 28 exterior passenger cabins weighing in at 44,000 pounds each! The cabins finish one complete rotation in 30 minutes and the ferris wheel never stops moving. 

The High Roller provides impressive views of the Las Vegas strip, and can be visited day or night. There is a full bar available before boarding the cabins, and for a little extra cash you can upgrade to an Open Bar experience for your 30 minute rotation!

It’s hard to miss the High Roller from any point on the strip, but the entrance is tucked away at the end of the Linq Promenade.

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