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Hockey Hall of Fame

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is Canada’s largest city. It has a plethora of activities for all types of travelers. The Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto is one stop a hockey-lover should not miss!

Dedicated to the history of hockey, the Hockey Hall of Fame is a full of memorabilia and exhibits featuring some of your favorite hockey players and teams; you'll also find the Stanley Cup! 

The museum was established in 1943 but it wasn’t hosted in a permanent building until 1961, when NHL funded the construction of a permanent building. In 1993, The Hall of Fame moved into its current location within Brookfield Place. There are fifteen exhibits to explore, including NHLPA Game Time where you can virtually play one-on-one with computer-simulated pros or face the best shooters in NHL history!

You can also visit the Hall of Fame, where the greatest hockey players of all time are featured. Finish your visit in the Esso Great Hall where you can view notable NHL trophies from over the years and have an upclose look at the original Stanley Cup! 

Visit the official website to help plan your visit! 

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