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Jameson Distillery Bow St. 

Dublin, Ireland

Jameson Irish Whiskey has become a household name selling over 55 million bottles a year. If you’re a Jameson lover, or if you appreciate whiskey, you will certainly enjoy the Jameson Experience at Bow Street. 

While Jameson Irish Whiskey is now produced in Cork, it all began in 1810 on Bow Street with John Jameson. 

At Bow Street you’ll be taken on a 40 minute tour, broken into 3 sections. You’ll begin by learning the history of Jameson Irish Whiskey - from John Jameson; the incredible growth of his whiskey; their setbacks due to World Wars; trade war with Britain & prohibition; all the way to their resurgence, merger and, finally, a move to Cork. After learning about the history of his triple distilled Irish whiskey,  you’ll proceed to learn exactly how it is made and what gives Jameson its distinct, smooth taste. On the final stage of your tour, you’ll get to taste test Jameson and compare it with other styles of whiskey. 

At the end of your tour, you can walk through the Jameson shop where you’ll find an extensive range of Jameson products. For the avid Jameson lovers, you can purchase a Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery Edition that is sold exclusively at the distillery itself! And if you’re really keen, you can pour your own bottle of cask strength (120 Proof) straight from the cask into a bottle to take home! 

Finally, relax at JJ’s Bar and savor your complimentary Jameson Irish Whiskey cocktail with ginger ale and lime, or neat. 

Visit for more details on the tour, ticket pricing and opening hours.

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