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Lottie's Pub

Chicago, IL , USA

For all the Chicago Fire Fans out there, who have dreamed of hanging out at Molly’s Bar with the heroes of Firehouse 81… You can (kind of)!of the largest breweries in Michigan, is sold in nearly half of the country!

Molly’s Bar was originally filmed on location in Chicago at Lottie’s Pub! While filming is done at a near identical set now, the original Lottie’s Pub is open to visitors!

Lottie’s Pub actually has an incredible Hollywood-esque history. 

Originally, Lottie’s was a Grocery store and bar, but during prohibition it was turned into a private speakeasy, called Zagorski’s. The person responsible for this was store owner, Lottie Zagorski. Lottie was loved and respected by the local community so the existence of a speakeasy was overlooked. Eventually Zagorski's became a hub for public officials and gangsters to come and enjoy horse betting, gambling, drinking and more. 

In 1966, as part of an effort to cut criminal activities, Lottie was arrested. In 1967, the FBI and IRS brought down Zagorski's, after discovering gambling products and guns! Lottie passed away of natural causes after her testimony before a grand jury. Eventually the new owners of Zagorski's renamed the pub Lottie’s. 

Today, you can visit Lottie’s in one of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods. One step inside and you will feel like you are at Chicago Fire’s Molly’s! 

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