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Luxor Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Named after the city of Luxor in Egypt, with an ancient Egyptian theme, the 30-story Luxor Hotel & Casino on the Vegas Strip features a 120,000 square feet casino, with 2,000 slot machines and 87 game tables. 

The Luxor was officially opened in 1993, and at the time it was the tallest building on the strip, and similar in size to the actual Pyramids in Egypt! The strip has grown a lot since then, but so has the Luxor, with renovations in 2008. 

In 1998, with a construction cost of $675 million, two additional towers were built next to the great Pyramid, as well as a theatre.

Today, 4,407 rooms are available at the Luxor. The rooms line the pyramid walls as well as the 22-story towers next door. 

Originally, the hotel featured a Nile River that carried guest to different parts of the hotel. But in 2007, much of the Egypt-themed attractions were removed and replaces with lounges, restaurants and clubs. 

Luxor is home to Chris Angel’s show, 'Mindfreak & Carrot Top', and the Blue Man Group. In 2009, it began hosting 'Bodies The Exhibition', and 'Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition'. 

You can’t go to Vegas without seeing the iconic Luxor Sky Beam, a 42.3 billion candela beam of light; the strongest in the world! At full strength, it can be seen from up to 275 miles away by cruising aircraft (it has been running at half strength since 2008).

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