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Meadow Vista

Kelowna, Canada

British Columbia is booming with distilleries and breweries. From craft to larger productions, there is certainly no shortage of delicious drinks! Meadow Vista is an artisan farm tucked into the mountainside of Kelowna that produces delicious honey wine and honey products.

Founded by Judie Barda in 2009, but Meadow Vista has been owned by sisters, Emily and Electra since mid-2017. Mead, or honey wine, has an incredible history; it dates back to Medieval Times! Meadow Vista aims to keep mead alive, support honey bees, and create a delicious and thirst-quenching beverage using pure BC honey. 

If you’ve never tried mead, or have an opinion that it is ‘too sweet’, then you haven’t tried the  mead at Meadow Vista! The meads range from off dry to medium to sweet, each mead different depending on what plants the bees were pollenating. Some of their meads are carbonated, providing a refreshing beverage for honey-lovers.

Some of Meadow Vista’s meads include Cloud Horse, a traditional, light honey wine; Bliss Cherry, a sparkling mead made using Okanagan cherries; Mabon, a spicy mead perfect for the colder months!; and Libra, a dessert wine to perfectly compliment any dessert or afternoon tea. 

Visit their official website to help plan your visit and to see their recipes using Meadow Vista mead! 

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