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Country: Greece               Language: Greek               Currency: Euro (€)

Meteora, Greece, is home to the mystical monolithic pillars and huge boulders that stand tall among Greece’s mountains. Meteora translates to “middle of the sky”, or “suspended in the air”, which perfectly reflects the monasteries that are built into the rocky cliffs. Today, only six remain, but it is estimated that 24 monasteries once existed.

Meteora displays many inspiring and fascinating rock formations. Driving into Meteora, you might expect to see signs of these rock formations earlier, but you will not see any until you reach Kalabaka, the small township just below the boulders. Upon arriving in Kalambaka, you cannot miss the 400 meter tall rock formations towering over the town, and you might even spot a couple of the monasteries.

 It is said that monks lived in individual caves in the area in the 11th century, but the monasteries were not built until the 14th century. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, the monks worked together to build these beautiful religious sights on top of the monolithic.  Monks accessed the monasteries by ladders and man-made lifts. Until recently, the monasteries did not have access to electricity or water.

Renting a car will be your best way to get around Meteora. There is just one well paved and sign-posted road that forms a loop from Kalabaka to the monasteries and back to the other side of the town. The road is equipped with a parking lot near each monastery, plenty of room to allow cars and tour busses to travel, and several pull off points to admire the magnificent monasteries and rock formations. 

Please note - You may tour the interior of the monasteries but it will cost approximately 3 euros per monastery. Also, a dress code applies to each monastery, and they also have certain photographic and video rules. Please follow the rules and respect the religious sites. 

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