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Moët and Chandon

Épernay, France

If you’ve ever had a glass of Champagne, then maybe you know that it comes from the historical province and wine region, Champagne, in northeast France! Anything called champagne is made, from start to finish, in this region. Moët and Chandon is one the world’s largest champagne producers. It ise found in Epernay, a charming town within the region.

Moët and Chandon dates back to 1743, when Claude Moët began producing sparkling wines. Soon after, he and his son, Claude-Louis, were creating wines for some of France’s most noteworthy nobles and aristocrats. In 1833, the company was renamed Moët and Chandon, when Claude Moët’s grandson in law joined as partner. 

Roughly five million bottles of champagne are produced here every year. Moët and Chandon has been admired and enjoyed by many famous people, including Napoleon Bonaparte and the British Royal Family. It is also the official champagne of the Oscars!

A visit to the Moët and Chandon Cellar's will teach you about the rise of the brand.  You will learn exactly how the champagne is made. Your tour will begin with a short video and then you will head down to the underground cellars, where you will see millions of bottles fermenting, resting and becoming bubbly. At the end of your visit, enjoy a glass or two (depending on the tour to choose) of Moët and Chandon's finest champagne.

Visit Moët and Chandon’s official website to book your tour and help plan your visit!

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