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Mont St. Michel

Normandy, France

Mont St. Michel is a picturesque island just off the coat of France. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very popular tourist attraction. It is a small hilly island with a large monastery at the top. As one of the most recognized landmarks in France, a visit to Mont St. Michel is definitely worth it!

Mont St. Michel is a very small island not even one kilometer off the coast of France. It has a population of 50 people and has been the seat of the monastery since the 8th century, but dates back to ancient times. According to legend, the archangel Michael appeared in the 8th century, before construction began, and instructed the building of a church on the island. During the Hundred Years’ War, England tried to seize the island, but never succeeded.

Mont St. Michel looks drastically different at every hour of the day. At high tide, the island perimeter is swallowed by the ocean, making it seem as if the it is floating way off the coast of France. At low tide, visitors are able to walk out onto the seabed and gain another unique perspective of the island. Anytime you visit, you will likely find yourself awe-inspired by the remarkable creation.

If you are arriving by car, there is a large parking lot at the visitor center. From there, you can hop on a free shuttle that will take you to the bridge at the edge of the coastline. You will then walk half a kilometer to the base of the island. The climb up to the abbey is steep, but it is well paved and offers plenty of cafes and shops to take a break!

Visit their official website to help plan your visit!

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