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Country: Canada               Language: English               Currency: Canadian Dollar ($)

Montreal is Quebec’s most populous city and Canada’s second most populous! The city displays a remarkable blend of historic and modern times. The European architecture stands beautifully beside some of the Canada's most trendy neighborhoods.

CTW Must See

Be sure to explore Old Montreal where you will find buildings like the Notre-Dame Basilica, Pointe-a-Calliere Museum, and more. In the city’s historic center, you will find many 18th-century buildings backed by modern skyscrapers. 

One of Montreal’s best quality is its love of the arts and food. The city has hundreds of theaters and dance companies; many emerging artists excited to share their works. It also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year including the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. The food is also worth mentioning, as the French-Canadian cuisine is rich and delicious. You can find plenty of spots for poutines, meat pies, and maple-flavored treats. Also, you can enjoy endless patisseries, cafes, and Jewish-style delis.

If you visit Montreal during the summer, you will benefit from the amazing arts performances and festivals that are on! If you plan your trip during the winter, don’t fret because there is still plenty that goes on! You can Montreal en Lumière Festival, take part in Montreal’s Christmas Market, go ice skating, and enjoy all the delectable cuisine options available year round!

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