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G.H. Mumm

Reims, France

If you’ve ever had a glass of Champagne, then maybe you know that it comes from the historical province and wine region, Champagne, in northeast France! Anything called champagne is made, from start to finish, in this region.  G.H. Mumm, in Reims, is one of the largest champagne producers in the world.

Founded by three brothers from a noble German family. The boys were winemakers in the Rhine Valley who moved their winemaking from Cologne to France in 1827. Mumm’s signature ‘Cordon Rouge’ was released in 1875, with the brands symbolic red ribbon, which remains its most popular and recognized champagne today.

A visit to Maison Mumm allows you to explore the world of Mumm Champagne. At the start of your visit, you will learn about the family's rich history, and the history of the Maison. Then, head underground into the historic cellars, where you will learn in detail how the grapes are picked, pressed, and bottled. A wander through the cellars will show you millions of bottles at rest. At the end of your tour, you’ll visit the tasting bar where you will receive a refreshing flute of bubbly. The tour experience you choose will depend on the type of champagne you get to try.

Visit Mumm’s official website to purchase your tickets and help plan your visit!

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