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New Orleans - The French Quarter

New Orleans’ French Quarter is a charming and lively city. It is one of the oldest city's in the US, founded by Frenchman, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. The French Quarter features beautiful and historic architecture, vibrant colors, and plenty of greenery. It is best known for Mardi Gras celebration, nightlife, and culture. 

CTW Must See

You could easily explore the French Quarter in a day, but you might want to plan to spend a bit more time, as the food is desirable and the Louisiana charm will leave you wanting more! Begin exploring the French Quarter at the lovely Jackson Square. Jackson Square is where Louisiana became a US territory due to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803! At the top of the square, you’ll find St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest Cathedral in North America! 

Next, take a stroll down the popular Bourbon Street, NOLA’s oldest neighborhood. It stretches thirteen blocks and is lined with bars, restaurants, and nightlife spots. Bourbon Street, relatively quiet during the day, is very active at night! With The French Quarter’s open container laws, it makes make bar-hopping and keeping the party going easy! 

But don’t take that the wrong way, if you aren’t a partier, you will still love NOLA! Louisiana’s Creole/cajun cuisine is unlike anything you could imagine and the architecture is incredibly charming! Indulge in traditional cajun crawfish; savor the fluffy and powered-sugar covered beignets; grab a po-boy or a warm gumbo; and finish up with sweet pralines! If you want more than a good meal, you can visit one of the city’s many distilleries or breweries, and of course, you can’t leave New Orleans without drinking a Hurricane from the bar that created the famous cocktail!

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