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NOLA Distilling Co.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a world of culture, delicious cuisine, and endless nightlife. It’s best known for its exciting Mardi Gras celebrations and as the birthplace of the cocktail! NOLA Distilling Co is a small batch distillery in New Orleans who make noteworthy craft spirits and cocktails.

NOLA (New Orleans Limitation and Alcohol) Distilling Co was founded by Kirk Coco in 2015, soon after he opened NOLA Brewing Co. NOLA Distilling Co has created a vodka base spirit made from 100% local sweet potatoes! 

Their spirits include a smooth vodka; Pepper Vodka, infused with roasted peppers; Coffee Cruiser, a delicious coffee liqueur; and an intriguing Clear Rum, made from local molasses.

NOLA’s Tasting Room opened in 2017. The cocktail menu is extensive and is a great way to gather inspiration for their unique sweet potato spirit! Their cocktails range from classic to craft to frozen. Tours of the distillery are also available if you are intersted to learn how the spirits are made! 

Visit their official website to help plan your visit! 

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