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Old Forge Distillery

Pigeon Forge, TN, USA

We’ve all heard of Moonshine, the crazy high-proof spirit that'll put hairs on your chest. For the most part, it has been illegal for a long time. But in 2010, the primarily corn-based spirit was made legal, and is officially defined as a “clear, unnamed whiskey”.

Old Forge Distillery, opened in 2014, is a working distillery that creates award winning spirits, like rum, vodka, bourbon, moonshine, and cream liqueurs. The land owned by the distillery is full of natural resources, and was once used as mill where grains were grinned by stone. Today, the distillery still uses this land to stone grind their grains! The building that houses the distillery was once a farm supply store, where the freshly ground grains were sold.  

Keener Shanton, the head distiller, creates small-batch spirits from freshly ground grains and fresh mountain spring water. Old Forge Distillery has about twenty moonshine flavors, including Oatmeal cookie, vanilla bean, french toast, and apple pie. Some of their other creations include a smooth and spicy rum, white oak barrel-aged bourbon, smooth 80 proof vodka, and delicious cream liqueurs. 

Visit Old Forge Distillery, in Pigeon Forge, for a free sampling, and after you’ve found your favorite, you can purchase a couple of bottles to take home!

Visit their official website to help plan your visit!

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