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Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Paris Hotel & Casino is certainly one of the most eye-catching hotels on the strip. It features a half scale 540 foot tall Eiffel Tower replica! Originally, a full scale Eiffel Tower was to be built, but with its close proximity to the McCarran Airport, this was just not possible! 

The Paris Hotel & Casino was built in 1997 and cost $760 million. Along with the Eiffel Tower replica, it features a Paris sign in shape of Montgolfier Balloon & a 2/3 scale Arc de Triumph replica.

The hotel tower is 33-storys and contains a massive 2,916 hotel rooms. The casino floor is 85,000 square feet, and houses 2,200 slot machines. As you play slots you will be able to see the Legs of the Eiffel Tower coming through the ceiling onto the casino floor!

The charming interior is decorated in the fashion of classic Parisian streets. It offers a wide range of dining options and bars, including traditional French patisseries, cafes and restaurants - Don’t forget to get a crepe!

From the casino floor, you have access to the 'Eiffel Tower Experience', which will take you on an elevator ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower replica, displaying incredible views overlooking the strip!

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