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Powerhouse Museum

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is Australia’s largest city. It is home to the world’s largest natural harbor and many iconic Australian landmarks. The Sydney Powerhouse Museum, near Darling Harbour, has it all!

 While described as a science museum, the Powerhouse covers it all - science, space, transportation, media, computers, arts and more, all displayed through a wide variety of exhibits and over 400,000 artifacts!

The museums exhibits will keep individuals, young and old, entertained for hours. Visit the Transport exhibition to learn about transport through time, horse-drawn carriages to steam engine, trains to planes. The Space exhibits will teach you about space and all the discoveries that have come from space exploration. EcoLogic shows the environmental challenges we are all facing and how we can make things better. Cyberworlds looks at the world of computers and, finally, Experimentations contains interactive displays focused on light, motion magnetism and more.

See their official website to help plan your visit!

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