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Country: Poland               Language: Polish               Currency: Polish zloty (zl)

Poznan is a picture perfect city located in west-central Poland. Poznan is one of Poland's oldest cities, and it is full of culture and historical monuments. Formerly, the city was surrounded by a wall, but this was removed in the 19th century when Poznan outgrew its origins. Be sure to have your camera out, as the Old Town is full of photo opportunities that you will not want to miss. Also, you will want to bring your appetite, as this is the perfect excuse to indulge in Polish cuisine. If you are lucky enough to be visiting while a Polish market is on, then you will certainly get to take full advantage of Polish culture, tradition, and cuisine. In the summer, the Old Town Square transforms into a social center with beer gardens, markets, and live music. Lively Poznan provides the perfect weekend getaway for any traveler. 

CTW Must See

Stary Rynek 

Stary Rynek or Old Market Square is the perfect place to start your exploration of Poznan. Filled with vibrant, medieval buildings, it is surprising to find that all of these buildings were rebuilt after the bombings of World War II. The buildings were rebuilt with care and resemble their pre-war appearance. Old Market Square is full of  historical buildings, museums, cafes and restaurants creating hours of activity. You will definitely want to have your camera out while exploring the square, as the merchant houses, and the iconic row of colorful buildings, add a picturesque storybook charm to Poznan. 

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is the main feature of the Old Town square, as it is the tallest and largest building in the Old Town. Originally built in the 14th century, the original structure was destroyed in a fire in the 1600s, a hurricane in 1725, and damage from bombings during WWII. Today, the building is home to the Historical Museum of Poznan, and the billy goat show. Everyday at 12 noon, a trumpeter calls from the tower and two mechanical billy goats butt heads for one minute. This tradition goes all the way back to the 15th century, just soon after the tower was originally built.

Applied Arts Museum

The Applied Arts Museum, which provides a nice backdrop to Poznan’s Old Town Square, used to be the Royal Castle of Poznan. The museum is up the hill from the Old Town, so it provides pleasant views overlooking the square. The museum was recently closed for renovations but reopened in March 2017.

Poznan Cathedral

Less than a kilometer outside of the Old Town sits the Poznan Cathedral. The cathedral was originally built in 968. Unfortunately, the cathedral experienced a number of tragedies, including multiple fires, so it has been rebuilt many times. Its latest renovation was completed in 1956, and now features many gothic influences in its architecture. Inside the cathedral, there are twelve chapels that are not to be missed.

Imperial Castle

The Imperial Castle is one of Poznan’s newer buildings. It was built in 1910 under German rule. The castle has been used as a German government building and the residence of the Polish President. The original clock tower stood at 74 meters, but it was damaged during the war and was rebuilt to be about 20 meters shorter than the original. The Imperial Castle sits just outside the Old Town near the University, and has a museum and a number of restaurants and cafes inside.

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