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The Pula Arena

Country: Croatia               Language: Croatian               Currency: Croatian kuna (kn)

Pula is a very small coastal Croatian town. It is the perfect day trip from Rovinj, and there is certainly no shortage of busses that service that route. Aside from the iconic Pula Arena, Pula has a quaint Old Town that can easily be explored in a couple of hours. Outside the Old Town, there is plenty of the vast Adriatic coastline to explore, including the beautiful Brijuni National Park. 

The Pula Arena is the main attraction in Pula, and strongly resembles the Collosseum in Rome, just smaller. It was built in the 1st century AD, and could hold more than 26,000 people inside. For a small fee, you can take a tour or just visit the interior of the coliseum, immersing yourself in the rich history.

Pula’s Old Town is relatively small but offers some historical monuments for you to visit. After you have explored the Arena, you can wander through the Old Town to visit some more sites, do some shopping, eat fresh burek from the bakery, or even have a seafood lunch. 

The Temple of Augustus dates back to 2 BC, and is said to be one of the best Roman monuments outside Italy. You will also find the Arch of the Sergii, which was built in 28BC. This triumphal arch was originally one of the city gates and now serves as one of the most photographed structures in Pula.

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