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Canberra, Australia

Canberra is in Australia’s Capital Territory; it is where you’ll find the capital of Australia Within Canberra, you’ll find Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre. It is an interactive museum hosting more than 200 science-based exhibits.

Questacon has been inspiring and teaching children about the wonders of science since 1988. Questacon was developed by ANU physics lecturer, Professor Gore. The current building where Questacon resides was actually a present from Japan for the 1988 Bicentenary. The Japanese Government provided One Billion Yen, which equates to just under $20 million,

covering half of building costs. 

There are a wide variety of exhibits you can experience at Questacon, including Wonderworks, a light and sound display focusing on polarized light and fresnel lenses; Spiders (on spiders!); Awesome Earth, which focus on our planet and the natural disasters and geology; and much much more.

A ticket is required to visit the museum, but there is parking on premise that requires a parking ticket. 

Visit their official website to help plan your visit! 

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