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Country: Croatia               Language: Croatian               Currency: Croatian kuna (kn)

Rovinj is a small coastal town with a spectacular classic Old Town. The bright, colorful buildings emerge straight out of the ocean in a perfect circle, with St. Euphemia’s Bell Tower standing tall above all the other buildings. The Old Town itself is car-free, and almost all of the laneways either lead outward to the sea, or up the hill to the church. The waterfront is full of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a freshly caught seafood meal, a nice espresso, or a cold gelato on a balmy Croatian day. The relaxing fishing village atmosphere of Rovinj is an ideal one or two night stay to unwind and soak up the sun.

CTW Must See

Old Town

The Old Town is beautiful, with narrow cobblestone laneways filled with restaurants, souvenir shops, adorable cats, and laundry hanging between buildings. At Balbi’s Arch, you find yourself at the original entrance to the Old Town. You can take any laneway up to St. Euphemia’s Church and back down, as they all lead to or from there. The Old Town can easily be explored completely in a couple of hours.

St. Euphemia Church

At the top of the Old Town sits St. Euphemia Church. You can get a great view of Rovinj from the top of the Bell Tower, which stands 60 meters tall, at the top of the hill. This Baroque style church was built in 1736 in place of the church that stood before it. St. Euphemia's bell tower resembles St. Mark's in Venice, but it also features a statue of St. Euphemia at the top.

Green Market

The Green Market is a must visit, and located just outside the city walls. Explore the market; take in all of the fresh produce and local products, and even eat some fresh fish straight from the market. Once you’ve explored the market, take a walk along the waterfront and soak in the views of the Old Town and St. Euphemia.

Explore the Island Archipelago

Two of Rovinj’s island archipelago are just a 5 minutes boat ride from the Old Town. These two islands are car free, just like the Old Town, and make a perfect getaway. Spend a couple of hours exploring or stay the night at one of the accommodation options on the islands. If you are looking for some adventure, you can rent kayaks, or even go scuba diving to the wreck of the Baron Gautsh.

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