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The Royal Mews

London, England

London is a huge metropolis that perfectly balances history, culture and the arts. The Royal Mews, near Buckingham Palace, is where you can see historic coaches and carriages that have carried members of the Royal Family for many years.

The Royal Mews has been located at its current location at Buckingham Palace since the 1820s. It stands as a working stable and holds some of the most impressive carriages of the Royal Family. It is in control of all road transportation for the Queen and the Royal Family. 

The Royal Mews holds many carriages and coaches. It holds some that are only for special occasions and others that are used almost daily. One of the most impressive carriages is the Gold State Coach. It is an eight horse-drawn carriage, features a beautiful gold exterior and painted panels by Giovanni Battista Cipriani. This carriage has been used at the coronation of every British monarch since George IV! Another notable carriage is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Carriage. It is a six horse-drawn carriage and features detailed craftsmanship. The interior is decorated with wooden panels that were donated by more than 100 British historic sites and the crown on top was carved from wood from the HMS Victory.

You can also visit with the horses that are used to pull the carriages. The horses are one of two breeds, Windsor Greys and Cleveland Bays. Windosr Grey horses are used to carry members of the Royal Family. Cleveland Bays are used to carry high commissioners and ambassadors to the Queen and for everyday activities.

Visit their official website to help plan your visit!

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