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Shelter Point Distillery

Vancouver Island, Canada

British Columbia is booming with distilleries and breweries. From craft to larger productions, there is certainly no shortage of delicious drinks! Shelter Point Distillery, found on Vancouver Island, is a beautiful seaside distillery located on 380 acres of land.

In 2011, Shelter Point Distillery was established. Its founder, Patrick Evans, is a third generation farmer. His family purchased the land in 2005, creating a ‘farmpeneur’ vision where ‘farming could coexist with wildlife, humans, farming, and commerce.’ Shelter Point grows their own barley, which is used to distill whiskey and vodka. And they source water from the local and naturally filtered Oyster River.

All of the spirits are single grain and made in large custom-designed copper stills. Shelter Point's range of spirits include single-malt whiskey, handcrafted vodka, naturally flavored vodka, and an enticing Sunshine Liqueur.

Visit their distillery and farmland and enjoy a complimentary tour and tasting. See their official website to help plan your visit!

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