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SILO Distillery

Windsor, VT, USA

Vermont is home to a wide array of incredible distilleries, and SILO Distillery is not to be missed.

Founded in 2013 by Peter Jillson and Anne Marie Delaney, SILO Distillery boasts an impressive range of spirits from Lavender Vodka to Barrel-Aged Gin. 

With the motto, Farm to Barn to Bottle, SILO produces high-quality spirits utilizing the very best local ingredients! Today, you can visit their Barn in Windsor, where everything is made from start to finish. 

Don’t let the idea of a barn fool you, this beautiful space is a pleasure to visit and, for a modest fee, you can taste some of their range, which includes Maple Whiskey, Bourbon, & Cucumber Vodka! They even have a Cacao Vodka made with Lake Champlain Chocolates' cacao shells. Or, sit and relax with a seasonal cocktail!

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