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Steam Whistle Brewery

Toronto, Canada

Ontario has many craft distilleries and breweries, each producing their own unique blend of craft and locally sourced spirits and beers. Steam Whistle Brewery, found in the heart of downtown Toronto, is not one to be missed!

Steam Whistle began in 1998 when three friends shared a common dream of wanting to create the best pilsner in the world! Greg Taylor, Cam Heaps, and Greg Cromwell had been working together producing beer since the late 1980’s. Together, they created a beer using four natural ingredients - spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

The brewery is set in the Historic John St. Roundhouse, which once operated as a steam locomotive repair facility. The name, Steam Whistle, 'draws from the inspirational sound of steam rushing from factory whistles, signaling the end of a fulfilling workday and a time for personal reward.’

The beer is crisp and clean, they have a great pub menu, and you can even tour the facility, learning all about Steam Whistle’s railway history! Tours are 30 minutes long and a your ticket includes a tasting! 

If you aren’t up for a tour, or if it’s fully booked, you can still enjoy a refreshing pint in the relaxed brewery, or outside on the patio if you are visiting in the warmer months!

To help plan your visit, check out their official website.

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