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Tabasco Factory

Avery Island, Louisiana

Louisiana is a world of culture, delicious cuisine, and endless nightlife. It’s best known for its exciting Mardi Gras celebrations and as the birthplace of the cocktail! But, did you know Louisiana is also home to Tabasco?!

For any hot sauce lovers out there, you can’t miss the Tabasco Factory on Avery Island! This picturesque factory has been producing incredible hot sauce for over five generations - Tabasco has been produced on Avery Island for over 150 years! Every Tabasco product, anywhere in the world, was produced at the Avery Island facility.

Walk around the beautiful facility and learn the history of Tabasco, see the crop of chillies used for the iconic hot sauce, and peer into the storage facility, where thousands of repurposed Jack Daniels Barrels sit aging Tabasco's unique chill mash. The experience is broken into multiple sections, to ensure you get to see everything and learn all you can about the amazing process that makes Tabasco possible. 

Don’t leave without visiting the store, where you’ll get to taste the whole range of hot sauces, marinades, spiced produce and ice cream (yes, chilli ice cream!!) and more! You’ll find amazing products that you won’t find at your local supermarket - so you might want to stock up!

Check out Tabasco’s official website to help plan your visit! 

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