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Tennessee Legend Distillery

Sevierville, TN, USA

It may surprise you to know that Michigan has over 100 craft breweries! It is 5th in the nation in number of breweries and microbreweries!

One of these craft breweries is Atwater Brewery. It is one of the largest breweries in Michigan, is sold in nearly half of the country!

Atwater Block Brewery was founded in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan, with a mission to bring back Bohemian style larger. But it wasn’t until 2005 that Atwater was bought outright by MSU alumni Mark Rieth, who used to make his own Sam Adams-like lager right out of his basement!


Under Mark Rieth, Atwater began to grow quickly, introducing some of their most popular beers like Dirty Blonde and Vanilla Java Porter. Distribution grew and now, Atwater is sold in 24 states across the USA. With a favorite slogan, “We drink all we can and sell the rest!”, Atwater has cultivated a reputation for being a fun, lively brewery! 

Atwater has a unique collection of Beers available today, from their classic Dirty Blond and Vanilla Java Porter to Whango Mango Wheat and Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale!


Today, you can enjoy Atwater at the original Detroit Tap House, Atwater Grand Rapids and classic biergarten in Grosse Pointe Park.

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